Hyperbaric Oxygen Theraphy

Just what is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Bound oxygen vs. Dissolved oxygen

There are two types of oxygen in the body-oxygen which is bound to hemoglobin and oxygen which is dissolved freely in the blood. Normal respiraton only involves transport of oxygen which is bound to hemoglobin. However, because hemoglobin is larger than the size of most capillaries in such vital organs as the lungs, kidneys, liver, and skin, hemoglobin-bound oxygen transport is not sufficient to attain full-body blood circulation.

  • Bound Oxygen

    • Bound to hemoglobin in the blood.

    • Cannot be transported in a greater amount than that of hemoglobin it self.

    • Hemoglobin is a large molecule that has difficulty passing through capillary walls. (cannot pass through about 90% of capillaries in the body)

    • About 99% of oxygen in the body is bound to hemoglobin.

  • Dissolved Oxygen

    • The body cannot get sufficient oxygen through normal respiration. (increased inhalation cannot solve this deficiency)

    • Beause oxygen is a small molecule. if it is dissolved in the blood, it can easily pass through capillary walls.

    • Abount of dissolved oxygen in the blood does not depend on amount of hemoglobin.

Further more, poor diet, lack of exercise, and other such lifestyle factors lead to cholesterol accumulation in the blood, attach-ment of debris to red blood vessels, and blood vessel blockage, further hindering proper blood ciculation in the body. Ultimately, the deficiency of oxygen due to the combination of such factors leads to accelerated aging and the onset of a multitude of diseases.